Sheilah Downs, SI Lower Hutt, New Zealand writes:

"I have finally managed to sit down and label some of the hundreds of photos I took at Brisbane. Fatally I bought a new big mb card for the camera before I left home. Consequently I had space for some 700 photos on it! It's all too easy with digital, but I have lots of nice memories.

Sheilah sent 8 photos of the Chatline Meeting and writes further:"I will send the photos in batches as they are quite big files." So expect web installments of the Brisbane events from Sheilah. Here are the Chatline Function Photos for starters:[HCF]

Chatline Group
Front row: Brian Dunning, Chris Knight & Lynn Dunning,
Back row: Elaine Moffat, Sheilah Downs, Sachiko Inuoe, Meryl Caldwell-Smith

"Our Chatline function was one of the best of the whole Conference and Chris and I received many compliments the next day. No speeches, only Chris reading a greeting from Kate then it was talk, talk, talk! It was lovely to have long time Chat Liner Sachiko with us, and gave us a real opportunity to mix and mingle with those who perhaps had only been names beforehand.

"Quite a few of the about 35-40 in attendance stayed on to have dinner in the restaurant, which rounded off a really nice evening. Plus we will probably have a few new recruits as everyone enjoyed themselves so much! On Sunday night at the Banquet, a group of us presented IP Lynn with A$150.00 towards her Malaria project. This was the profit from the Chatline function - we obviously didn't drink the bar dry!"

Liz Hyde & Margaret Lobo

The photo on the left is of Liz Hyde, in the background, and Margaret Lobo. Margaret Lobo from West Australia is International President Elect

Liz Hyde and Robyn Cain
Liz Hyde and Robyn Cain with refreshments

Joc,Sheilah & Meryl
Joc Hanby, Sheilah & Meryl

Anne Farrington & Jane Zimmerman
Anne Farrington & Jane Zimmerman enjoying a joke

Chris Knight

The photo on the left is of Chris Knight directing the traffic at the Chatline Function.

Sachiko, Meryl & Barbara
Sachiko Inuoe, Meryl Caldwell-Smith & Barbara Milburn

Chatliners socialising
Meryl sent the names: Left, facing the photographer, is Ann Thomas (SISWP Archivist) from Devonport, Tassie, then Robyn Cain (newly elected Environment Co-ordinator) and on the right, Anne Farrington.(known worldwide - Finance).


Sheilah and Video cam

Chris writes: "Shown here on the left is Sheilah Downs (SI Lower Hutt, Central New Zealand) on the loose with her video camera."

Joanne Fernandez &  Margaret Lobo
"Joanne Fernandez (Malaysia) and friends from SI Singapore Club President Alice Goh
and Chooi Peng and International President Elect Margaret Lobo(Australia)."

Robyn Cain and Sachiko Inoue Liz Hyde & Joan Gaudin

On the left:"Robyn Cain (Australia) and Sachiko Inoue (Japan)" The photo on the right is of Liz Hyde & Joan Gaudin. Chris comments: "Liz is a real party girl and managed to feature in many photos. Here she is with Joan Gaudin at the Chatline gathering "


Some photos from Chris Knight show that the Brisbane Conference was not all play, there was work as well!!

ESD Workshop

Chris explains:" Chris Knight facilitated the ESD Workshop exploring the Parallel Universe of Women's Economic, Social and Cultural Rights through the lives of Somebody's Daughter. Pictured above from left to right are Leigh Ellwood Brown SISWP President Elect and SI Representative on the Australian Women's Coalition - Participating in Decision Making, Chris Knight SISQ Region ESD Coordinator - Alleviating Poverty and Hunger, Jan McIntyre WAGGS Field Officer, Asia Pacific Region - Leadership Skills for Life and Gabrielle Goulding President SI Brisbane City SISWP Brisbane."

Elizabeth Hughes with Chris
"Elizabeth Hughes and Chris Knight
participated as guest speakers in the
IGU Workshop 'Helping People to Live in Peace'"

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